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Unlock another dimension

Development acceleration

New services & revenue streams

The 4DC Portal has a no-code development platform at its heart where independent consultants and IT contractors will be able to build and deploy apps rapidly and affordably, adding an extra dimension to their services. 4DC includes a development environment, a fully-supported route to market and a supportive community of like-minded practitioners and resellers, putting subscribers at the forefront.

It's all about speed and efficiency.


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“Take a traditional enterprise app that might require, say, six months, a dozen people and two million dollars to build and deploy, reduce those figures to two weeks, three people and fifty thousand dollars – and end up with a faster, higher quality, more flexible app to boot”.  This is entirely possible with the latest no-code rapid application development platforms."  Forbes, 2017


“We were rapidly able to stand up a solution in days rather than months.”

Richard Uphill

Director, Everchange Consulting


“We were rapidly able to stand up a solution in days rather than months.”

Richard Uphill

Director, Everchange Consulting

App Creator

Are you looking to make yourself and your business more marketable and increase the value you can provide to your clients?  The 4DC Portal provides a no-code platform that will enable you to achieve these goals in a collaborative environment of your peers.

Access our no-code platform within the Portal to begin offering your clients the next dimension of services.  

Business User

Do these business app scenarios sound familiar? 

Small to medium enterprise:  off-the-shelf doesn't meet the need/bespoke is too expensive. 

Large enterprise:  internal IT teams don't have the bandwidth to support all of the desired requirements due to other priorities.

The 4DC Portal can connect your business with the right app creator to rapidly address your backlog with bespoke solutions.


Become a marketplace affiliate. 

As the 4DC Portal grows, you will share in the revenue generated from each application created and deployed on the platform, continuing as on ongoing annuity.

Alternatively, bring business users to connect with app builders to solve their current challenges and you will also share in the revenue.


“We brought a proof of concept within two weeks and our customer was over the moon.  We started to implement a solution for 2,500 users.”

May Hayden

Founder/CEO -

Limitless Financial Services



Training is an important part of getting started working with the 4DC Portal.  There are different levels of training available depending upon the role you will have in the value chain of the marketplace.  If you are a Business User or Reseller, self-paced training is available to ensure you have a basic understanding of how the tool works in order to plan for requirements accordingly.  As an App Creator you may want a higher level of training to be provided in-person or via webinar (depending upon your location). 


App Creator training is provided at a discounted price.  This is a limited offer for early adopters.



The 4DC Portal acts as a matchmaker to connect Business Users with the right App Creator.  Business Users are able to connect with App Creators who can solve their specific business automation needs.  For App Creators, you will be able to identify new clients to work with and learn best practices from other Creators in your areas of expertise.

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